Martha's BF is a mare called Gertie and her main purpose in life is to do as Martha tells her, which typically consists of a daily back and neck massage! The Original BFF who passed away in 2013 was the "rock" in Martha's life. She kept Martha calm, taught her how to eat and drink on the road. Without her, life on the road would have been impossible simply because Martha had never been hauled prior to Lindsay purchasing her in January of 2006. Teaming this Mare with Martha, who we nicknamed "Martha's Nursemaid" was the single most important decision that Lindsay made in regards to Martha. They were instantly in love with one another, this Mare provided Martha with stability and that is exactly what Martha needed. This Mare was an intricate part of Martha's life, Martha would not have been able to achieve all the success that she did without the help of this Mare. If you can guess Martha's original and first BFF's name, your name will be entered into a draw to win an "Original Lindz Series" saddle!!!! Please Email your responses to


"Sugar Moon Express"

Martha is a 2X World Champion Barrel Horse with LTE surpassing $1.8 Million dollars. Martha has made her mark in the barrel racing industry with her unique and unmatchable style. Martha has the ability to bend her body from her head to her hip around a barrel while she accelerated thru the turn, this trait is what set her apart from her competition. This unique style of turning, has become her trademark in the barrel racing industry and is what made her superior. Martha's athletic ability and finesse is a true rarity, it has never been seen before nor matched since her departure from competition. "Martha has carved her own path in barrel racing and is paving the way into the future with her offspring". (Lindz)

Martha's Papers.pdf
Type Performance
Birth Date 2000-04-18 (19 Yrs.)
Height (hh) 15.3 hh
Weight (lbs) 1275 lbs.
Color Sorrel


Dr Nick Bar Dr Nick Bar (2019)


Babys Blue Jeans Babys Blue Jeans (2019)
Moxie Moxie, Moxie (2015)
Mavis Mavis (2014)
Merlin Merlin, Merlin (2014)
Martha baby 2016 Martha baby 2016, Martha baby 2016 (2016)

Martha is currently undergoing Embryo Transfer Procedures and we are excited to announce that we will have 3 foals arriving next spring(2016). Please email us if you have any inquiries about Martha's offspring/embryos at

LTE 1.8 Million

Titles Won

  • 2X World Champion(2008,2011)
  • NFR Average Champion(2011)
  • WPRA Season Earnings Record $323,570 (2008) still stands today.
  • NFR Earnings Record $139,002 (2008)
  • 2X Reserve World Champion(2007,2009)
  • 7X NFR qualifier
  • 17 NFR Go-Round Wins
  • 7X CFR qualifier
  • 4X Omaha Tour Finale Champion
  • Dallas Tour Finale Champion
  • Puyallup Tour Finale Champion
  • 2X Rodeo Houston champion(2008,2012)
  • 13 Tour Finales
  • Houston Cinch Shoot-out champion(2012)
  • 2X Cheyenne Frontier Days Champion(2008,2011)
  • Calgary Stampede Champion(2008)
  • Reno Rodeo Champion(2009)
  • San Antonio Rodeo Champion(2009)
  • 3X Ponoka Stampede Champion
  • 2X Cody Stampede Champion
  • 2X Ellensburg Rodeo Champion
  • Strathmore Stampede Champion
  • Cloverdale Rodeo Champion