Merlin has an interesting life story... he was born via recipient mare, she had complications during foaling and Merlin was orphaned before he was 36 hours old. As we were standing there staring at this poor little foal laying in the stall, trying to decide what to do with him we had this idea....why not bring in "Time" she is an old broodmare that has had lots of babies, maybe she could just keep him company for the time being until we decide what to do with him. When we brought "Time" into the stall and she saw this little foal laying there she let out a soft nicker and immediately went over to him and starting licking and nuzzling him and from that point on he was her baby. We bottle fed Merlin every hour for the first few weeks and as crazy at it sounds "Time" began to milk within hours of adopting Merlin, by the end of the first month she had a decent amount of milk. We kept feeding Merlin to ensure that he was getting more than enough milk. Merlin had an unfortunate start to the world, but it was truly a blessing and nothing less than a miracle to watch the whole event unfold in front of us. It was one of those life lessons that you can't learn from reading a book or would you believe it if someone told you the story.



Merlin is Martha's first horse colt born in the summer of 2014. Merlin shares Martha's conformation and resembles Martha in so many ways. He has a ton of personality and we are looking forward to what the future holds for this "Martha baby"!

Type Prospects
Birth Date 2014-06-01 (4 Yrs.)
Color Sorrel


Mini Flits Last Yank Mini Flits Last Yank, Yankee (1997)


Martha Martha, Sugar Moon Express (2000)