Original Lindz Series

Base Price: $3200

We are pleased to offer the opportunity to our customers to design their own custom handmade saddle. The base price for a custom saddle is $3200(USD). Having the opportunity to design your own saddle allows you to put your own personal touch on your saddle, if there is something that you would like on your saddle that you don't see in the options please email us your request and we will definitely try to accommodate your preferences. Please allow approximately 12 weeks from time of order confirmation to the time of delivery. These saddles are definitely worth the wait! If time is of the essence please feel free to browse through our current inventory. Please note that all saddles are priced in USD funds.

Saddle Measurements:

  • 3" Horn height
  • 5" Cantle height
  • 6 1/2" Wide gullet ~ flared bars for shoulder relief
  • 8" High gullet


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